We hope you enjoyed Ron's talk as much as we did! We can't wait to hear your questions or thoughts on recruitment, onboarding & cultural alignment. If you didn't attend we will make sure to get post the video soon!


Are your employees passionate stakeholders?

Organizations built with strong systems, the right tools and professional support accelerate staff engagement and retention.

... and are pretty awesome too.


Recruitment by Design

Attract the right candidates with an innovative process & cutting edge screening technology.


Role by Design

Match employee passions & skills with the expanding needs of the organization.


Alignment by Design

Accelerate growth & alignment through strong systems, tools & support. Custom to your business.



We are glad you asked!

In our experience 'off the shelf' solutions for recruitng or management training are not enough to establish the real cultural shift that our clients want. Our 'by Design' programs are customized to reflect the unique culture of every client we work with. We get to know your business, we make sure everyone in on-board and we pivot fast. Most importantly, we establish a real connection with your teams. From the moment a new hire fills out their appliction to their 10 year anniversary with your business, we help you establish and maintain the working culture you always dreamed of.


Tracking Engagement!

Many teams try to implement their own policies and procedures to help manage growth and often fall short. With our systems, tools & support programs you can always keep track of exactly where your teams stand with up to the minute metrics. Never again will you have to ask why something isn't working. Connolly Owens System Trainers provide organization alignment score along with detailed information on pain point with clear solutions for your teams; taking the guesswork out of bottlenecks.

A Real Story!

With the help of some AWESOME Connolly Owens System Trainers our friend Dan was able to turn his business life around. He went from waking up searching for the next fire to planning the growth of his business. Thanks for the SHOUTOUT Dan!

Did you know?

We literally wrote the book on staff enagagement. Seriously though, it is a really good book. We dare you to read it and let us know how much you loved it.

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We just want to talk!

Every organization deserves the opportunity to explore fun & engaging ways to energize their business. We love talking shop and would love to hear from you.

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Transforming Employees into Passionate Stakeholders