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Redesigning the employee journey

We have helped teams rethink their employee journeys through recruitment strategies and leadership training. By doing so they unlocked incredible untapped potential in their teams and improved operations in every possible way.

Just The Facts

A Recruitment Strategy

Allowed HR managers to focus on people & culture by developing strategies for high volume screening, recruiting & onboarding.

With Clear Onboarding

the organizations core values, mission & purpose came to life. Employees stayed longer and performed better at their roles.

Screening for Attributes

allowed new recruits to adjust to their role faster than ever before. This accelerated onboarding & high-performance

Building Resiliency

gave leadership teams the ability to face challenges and bounce back stronger than before with clear systems for accountability.

Changing a Leader

from a traditional manager role to a strategic coaching role was the key for our clients success and ability to focus on scaling the business.

A Change Team

was created to solve organization issues and give everyone a voice at the table. The organization thrived in this envrionment.

Recruitment by Design

The days of posting resumes and hoping for a rockstar candidate are gone. Our recruitment by design strategy gives your organization the strategy and tools it needs to not only be proactive in recruiting, but to identify the best possible candidate.

A Strategic Recruiting Process Designed With You

Our People on Their Journeys


People started becoming more engaged in the work... Our staff got really excited about selling and being a part of the team... All because our onboarding program is different.

Taylor F.

Owner, Harveys


Since Connolly Owens I can focus on important areas of the business, our average bill has increased and our turnover has decreased. Regular customers now come in and comment on the positive atmosphere.

Dan M.

Owner, Tim Hortons


The entire staff from the bottom all the way to the top ... are now stakeholders in the entire operations; not just employees who are following a set of rules.

Shaun Majumder

Founder, 'OME

Alignment by Design

We build change teams within your organization, align them with workshops & continuous education and set them out to deliver change in your business. We educate your leadership on how to energize & motivate your change teams to hit big goals and keep people aligned.

A Leadership Program For Your Entire Organization

We Wrote the Book on Employee Journeys


I learned at an early age to “model the masters” when it came to having success in business. Ron Lovett, in OUTRAGEOUS EMPOWERMENT, tells it like it is. In his story telling fashion, Ron delivers us not theory but takeaways that we can implement immediately to accelerate our success.

Jack Daley

Amazon Best Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur


Ron overcame bigger industry challenges than Southwest or Starbucks. What an incredible feat.

Len Preeper

President, Thinkwell Research


Ron… I don’t like your book. I LOVE it! I consider your book #1 biz book in 2018.

Verne Harnish

CEO, Scaling Up & Founder, Entrepreneurs Organization

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about our recruitment strategy programs and how they can work together with your HR teams.

about how your business has been successfully focusing on your employee journey.

about our alignment workshop & leadership training programs designed to energize your frontline staff.

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